More about the Amish that make our furniture

Sugar Plum Oak sells Amish furniture handmade by the Amish families in Ohio.

Amish-made furniture of solid oak, cherry, hickory, quartersawn oak, maple, or brown maple, with no cheap particle board or laminate used, it is the popular choice for many families looking to furnish their home with Amish Bedroom, Amish living room, Amish dining room, Amish Office and Den furniture and Amish Nursery furniture.

Amish Furniture from our Ohio Amish woodworkers is very popular due to the fact our Amish craftsman pay great attention to the details of the wood and building techniques used in the furniture making process. Each piece of wood is hand selected to match the specific furniture in mind. The grain of the wood is very important, both in gluing pieces together, and in the old world design of the finished piece. Amish furniture from our Ohio Amish furniture makers will become a family heirloom you pass on to your grandchildren. Our Amish woodworkers pride themselves in their work and view their furniture as both a piece of art and a practical furnishing to be used and appreciated for many generations.

The Amish

The History of Amish Furniture
Amish furniture first became popular in the 1920ís and 1930ís when early American folk art was discovered. Furniture dealers and historians greatly appreciated the beauty and craftsmanship of Amish Furniture. Different styles of Amish furniture emerged and gained popularity over time. The arts and crafts style furniture of that period continues to be found in modern homes nationwide.

Jonestown School began in the late 18th century in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and is most widely known for painted blanket chests. This Amish style is decorated with flowers on three panels.

Another distinctive style of Amish furniture is the Soap Hollow School, developed in Soap Hallow, Pennsylvania. Soap Hollow pieces are often brightly painted in gold, black, and red. Henry Lapp, a furniture maker based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is known for the Amish style designs that most closely resemble the furniture we think of today as Amish made.

Amish Furniture Techniques

Amish wood working is a unique way to make furniture. Amish woodworkers make furniture using small tools powered by generators and hands as they have for decades. Their attention to detail produces furniture we are proud to display and you will be proud to own. Many woodworking tools in Amish shops are the old world way to make furniture. This is why Amish Furniture is very valuable. The Amish are well known for their detail and finish work, often completed by hand, and it is well known that their furniture will be of the finest quality. A common characteristic of Amish furniture is completed by this handcrafted process, the five-piece English dovetail drawer boxes and steel ball bearing drawer glides.

Amish Furniture Styles

There are a variety of different styles available in Amish furniture. The Mission and Shaker styles are similar; Amish Mission Style furniture is know for straight lines and exposed joinery. Amish Shaker style furniture is plain, yet elegant and is simple and basic in design. Amish Queen Anne style furniture is in direct contrast to the Mission and Shaker styles. It is considered traditional, with ornate moldings, unique foot details, and carved ornamentations. More Amish styles are Southwestern, Rustic, Cottage, and Beachfront furnishings.

Amish furniture making is often passed from the Grandfather to the father and finally to the son. Most children in the Amish household rarely attend school beyond eighth grade, often to help in the shops or around the house. Many Amish families become known for their specific design with their Amish furniture style. Some Amish craftsman focus only on outdoor furniture, while other Amish craftsman focus on pieces for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Amish furniture is rarely identical in design because of the care taken to select the different wood grains. The Amish craftsmen often try to highlight the features of each individual piece. This is what makes Amish Furniture so popular online. Many furniture dealers all over the United States sell handcrafted Amish Furniture in local stores and as internet vendors.

The Amish and Technology

Just in the past decade, due to the internet, the Amish furniture market has expanded to include online sales. The Amish craftsmen and dealers are prohibited from running the websites. Non-Amish furniture retailers often contact the Amish furniture craftsmen that make the furniture. Friendships are often developed with the Amish, and the furniture retailer sells the Amish to a wider market. It is no longer necessary to visit a retail location to select the unique wood and stain combinations desired, this can all be done on the Internet, and there are dozens of different wood, stain and upholstery options to choose from. The finished furniture is shipped directly from the builder to the consumer. When you buy Amish furniture from Sugar Plum Oak you’re buying from an American family business that has a strong relationship and history with the builders this site represents.