Why Amish Furniture?

The Amish value hard work, simplicity, efficiency, and honesty! Those values are evident in the furniture they produce. The careful design of each piece of Amish furniture reflects a desire for practical use and beautiful simplicity. Amish woodworkers make furniture using small tools powered by generators and hands as they have for decades. Their attention to detail produces furniture we are proud to display and you will be proud to own.

We believe in supporting the economy of the United States. We are proud to only offer furniture made in the USA. Our builders use American grown hardwoods from sustainable forests.

Our showroom features Amish furniture made by over 70 Amish families. Their methods of construction, such as dovetail joints, produce a neatness of appearance and an honesty of construction not to be found in modern, mass-produced furniture. When it comes to buying quality furnishings for your home or business, details make the difference!