Amish Dining Room Corner Hutches

Corner Hutches from Sugar Plum Oak add character to your dining area. Measure the walls in the corner of the room where you want a hutch and look at all the options we offer!

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  • Newport Shaker Corner Hutch (0289-14)

    Newport Shaker Corner Hutch (0289-14) Simple Shaker styling always looks classic! The Amish built Newport Shaker Corner Hutch is no exception! 34"w x 79"h x 30"d this hutch will take 30" of wall space on each wall it is set up against. Click here for more details on this Amish dining room furniture.

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  • Queen Victoria Corner Hutch (0287-14)

    Queen Victoria Corner Hutch (0287-14) Very clean lines add to the beauty of the stunning Queen Victoria Corner Hutch. This hutch is 34"w x 79"h x 30"d. This hutch will cover 30" of wall space on the walls that meet in the corner this hutch is set in.

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